Mission Statement

The primary goal of the Vocal Music Program is musical excellence. This is achieved through development of both individual skills (mechanics of vocal production, music reading, basic theory, etc.) and ensemble skills (balance, blend, diction, etc.). Instruction incorporates State and National Standards as well as SCS Design Qualities.

Secondary goals include the advancement of the cultural awareness of the members of the group, school community, and audience; development of work ethic and teamwork skills; and guidance and direction for students planning a career path in music or the arts.

The curriculum is literature driven. Our basic guideline is that the experience is only as good as the material chosen to prepare (process) and perform (product). There is musically sound and culturally significant literature available from all historical periods and styles. Students gain insight on correct practice of these different styles, which are shared in public performance.

Music is a whole-brain experience that expresses that which words cannot, and is therefore deeply felt. Choral singing requires daily repetition of music and text, repetition that sends these elements deep into the subconscious – therefore, careful consideration is given to selections that are both musically challenging and uplifting or thoughtful in spirit.


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