SHS Choir: Singing At The Courthouse

The Choirs at Salem Middle School and Salem High School will observe the Bicentennial with two concerts of American folksong, on October 23 and 30, respectively (see Events).

We thought it would be fun to catch a group photo at the prime historic site in Washington County – the Courthouse.

But the students weren’t told they were going to sing. So here’s a little preview of that high school concert:

Movie on 2014-09-24 at 08.37

That’s soul-sisters-in-residence Vanessa Nantz and Tyasia Gant doing the solos, with Logan Thompson joining in on the ad lib towards the end.

Thanks to Jasmine Bryant for doing the photo shoot, and to Mr. John Calhoun for taking us over there in one big, crowded bus of people that like to sing.

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