Remote Learning Update March 30, 2020

With schools closed till May 1, we have taken steps to get Remote Learning up and running for students, and this work resumes March 30.

At this point, we do not anticipate further performance opportunities for our students, and while this is a disappointment, there’s still work of value to do. I have explained this to the students in Classroom.

Since all the students have Chromebooks, we don’t use this website much anymore, but we thought it important to update parents on our plans.

Right now, there are lots more questions than answers, however below are the Class Codes each student needs to log into their Choir Classroom:


SHS Adv Chorus Period 1 – 23jolff

SHS Adv Chorus Period 2 – lxfjmc4

SHS Adv Mus Theater Period 3 – 7x4v7kd

SMS Mixed Choir 7-8 Period 6 – 4arwmpt

SMS Choir 6 Period 7 – 4iz2cxg 

Each student has a weekly assignment in the “Arts, Music, and Ideas” series. These are not canned online lessons but short, standards-based media presentations on Music History that I have written specifically for our students.

Some students got through the first two or three lessons last year, but we will start at the beginning again to help everyone grasp the chronological order of topics. This review will be beneficial.

For those students lacking reliable internet access at this time, please Contact Us… we are presently holding on administrative direction on how best to get materials and alternative assignments out as needed.


For now, I will keep “Office Hours” from 8-10 am each morning we are in session. This simply means I can be reached more quickly by email, text, or phone during those hours.


We rely on Twitter @SalemChoirs for real-time updates, and of course on the students’ Classroom pages. Announcements pertaining to Adv Mus Theater class are posted @SHSOnStage. Look to these for information.


As I told the students in their Classroom communications, this is a tough transition for every family and every student, and it is our hope to make these online learning sessions worthwhile, yet not create a burden on anyone.

Right now it’s important that we all take care of ourselves and our families first. The rest will fall into place.