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Great American Songbook Set List

The SHS Choir presents a salute to the “Best Songs” of the Academy Awards from 1935-2015 in its’ annual “Great American Songbook” concert Thursday, March 19 at 7:15 pm in the Performing Arts Center.

22 soloists will share the spotlight with the High School Choir, SMS Mixed Choir, and the Large Men’s Ensemble. That’s the Ensemble that’s large. The Men all come in different sizes.

Senior Steven Morgan will narrate the free performance.


State Solo Festival Cancellation

Based on the latest weather projections for our area, I have decided to withdraw our SHS students from Saturday’s ISSMA State Solo-Ens Festival at Perry Meridian High School. Conditions will create problems for families on their way up and uncertain conditions on a return trip. We as a school and department can’t endorse this.

Every student that earned this honor is to be commended, and no one or nothing can take that away from them and the honor they have brought to their school. WSP

State Vocal Festival Update

Here is the latest information from Mr. Spencer-Pierce on State Vocal Festival Saturday, Feb 21:

The weather is unpredictable, but the latest forecast warns of icy and/slick
conditions Saturday morning.

The State Festival involves lots of out-of-town judges and workers, facilities
and support staff at Perry Meridian, hotel reservations, etc., therefore there is no weather make-up date (this has always been the policy). I’ve spoken with ISSMA officials in Indianapolis and anticipate that the Festival will run as scheduled.

Any change to that plan would be announced on and relayed at
or on Twitter @SalemChoirs. I would also leave a voicemail on my number at 812.883.5597
that parents and students could call that morning.

1) Per school policy, the Recital scheduled for tonight, Thurs Feb 19 is cancelled.
2) Due to the possibility of snow Friday evening or afternoon, I have decided against any
Friday run-throughs with Allison, your piano accompanist. No need having any of you in that.
3) Allison is going up with family that morning and does not anticipate a problem being there.
4) If she can’t be there, there is no penalty for students performing without an accompanist.
5) I have the Judge’s Scores, and intend on being there by 9:00 am Saturday. My plan is to go
up Friday evening before difficult conditions set in.
6) Our policy is that students ride with parents/family to and from the event, so any decision on individual participation rests with parents.
7) Families planning to go up Saturday morning should allow extra time accordingly. It takes 2 hours under good conditions. Perry Meridian High School is on the Southeast side – I’ll post directions on

It’s a real honor to have advanced to this level, and no one can take that away from anyone. At this point, each family needs to make their own decisions on participation, but safety must be the primary consideration. If students/parents decide not to attend, please call/text Mr. S-P at 812.883.5597.


ISSMA State Festival Will Run As Scheduled

Although District Solo-Ensemble Festivals have weather make-up dates, the State Festival is a much different situation, as the facility itself and hotel rooms, flights, meals, etc. for judges and workers are planned far in advance for this very large event. Outlook for now shows some more reasonable temperatures and little troublesome weather forecast for Saturday. Plan on the event running as scheduled.

We are looking at the possibility of working with Allison Friday night, those plans will be posted here and on Twitter as soon as details are worked out.

Watch here and on Twitter @SalemChoirs for updates.


Thursday Honors Recital Cancelled

Due to the severe weather and low temperatures, we are cancelling the Recital planned for Thursday night, Feb. 19. We are looking at the possibility of being able to do run-throughs with our accompanist Friday evening. Either way, State Festival is a “GO”, and students should report to their assigned Warm-Up Room at Perry Meridian High School 45 minutes ahead of performance time on Saturday, Feb.21. Parents or students with questions feel free to contact Mr. S-P. Schedules and information are posted at

State Solo Festival Vocalists 2015

State Vocal Soloists 2015

Row 1: Laura Andis, Lauren Allen, Keegan Coomer, Courtney Rogers, and Vanessa Nantz.
Row 2: Teyha Morison, Jordan Borden, Christian Bowling, Cameron Davidson, Tyasia Gant, and Cody Blackwell. A free recital is planned for Thursday, February 19 at 7:15 pm in the SHS Presentation Room.