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Events 2020-21, Choir Sign-Ups

Plans are underway for the 2020-21 School Year. Visit the EVENTS page for details.

Meanwhile, incoming 6th grade students can sign up for Choir in their Google Classrooms. – no fees, and no prior experience required.

Parents or guardians wanting to get students registered for SMS Choirs may also contact SMS at 812-883-3808 through May 15.

The SHS Choirs have openings in every section for motivated students in grades 9-12. Contact us here for details…

Remote Learning Update March 30, 2020

With schools closed till May 1, we have taken steps to get Remote Learning up and running for students, and this work resumes March 30.

At this point, we do not anticipate further performance opportunities for our students, and while this is a disappointment, there’s still work of value to do. I have explained this to the students in Classroom.

Since all the students have Chromebooks, we don’t use this website much anymore, but we thought it important to update parents on our plans.

Right now, there are lots more questions than answers, however below are the Class Codes each student needs to log into their Choir Classroom:


SHS Adv Chorus Period 1 – 23jolff

SHS Adv Chorus Period 2 – lxfjmc4

SHS Adv Mus Theater Period 3 – 7x4v7kd

SMS Mixed Choir 7-8 Period 6 – 4arwmpt

SMS Choir 6 Period 7 – 4iz2cxg 

Each student has a weekly assignment in the “Arts, Music, and Ideas” series. These are not canned online lessons but short, standards-based media presentations on Music History that I have written specifically for our students.

Some students got through the first two or three lessons last year, but we will start at the beginning again to help everyone grasp the chronological order of topics. This review will be beneficial.

For those students lacking reliable internet access at this time, please Contact Us… we are presently holding on administrative direction on how best to get materials and alternative assignments out as needed.


For now, I will keep “Office Hours” from 8-10 am each morning we are in session. This simply means I can be reached more quickly by email, text, or phone during those hours.


We rely on Twitter @SalemChoirs for real-time updates, and of course on the students’ Classroom pages. Announcements pertaining to Adv Mus Theater class are posted @SHSOnStage. Look to these for information.


As I told the students in their Classroom communications, this is a tough transition for every family and every student, and it is our hope to make these online learning sessions worthwhile, yet not create a burden on anyone.

Right now it’s important that we all take care of ourselves and our families first. The rest will fall into place.

Bohemian Supper Club Tickets On Sale Here…


Salem Choirs presents “Bohemian Supper Club 2019 ” Thurs Fri, Sat Nov 7-8-9 at 7;15 pm, with a special Sunday matinee at 2 pm, Nov 10.

This year’s show is a ten-year retrospective, including 30 of our favorites from Supper Clubs 2008-2018. All seats are $8.00, regardless of age. Dessert and drinks extra and purchased on site. All proceeds benefit Salem Choirs.

Patrons can buy reserved seats at the Salem High School bookstore during school hours (no telephone sales). Online ticket holders will receive an email confirmation and will pick up their tickets in the front lobby 30 minutes prior to showtime. All patrons receive physical tickets. We will not oversell the room.

Patrons are advised to secure tickets now, as these shows sell out quickly.

(school hours only, no telephone sales) or
ONLINE right here…

Butter Braid Sale Starts Labor Day Weekend!

SHS and SMS Choirs, Musical Theater students, and SHS Art Department students are taking orders for delicious BUTTER BRAID frozen pastries to support our activities. Delivery is October 1. Stock up now for Thanksgiving and Christmas. See a Choir or HS Art student to order! THANK YOU!!

Choir Parents Mtg.

Tues, Aug 20, 7:30 pm, SHS Choir Room (Room 262). This is not a required meeting, but the regular quarterly meeting of the choir Parents Organization. All welcome. Short and sweet.

Bohemian Supper Club Tickets On Sale Mon Oct 22

With a cast and crew of over 65 students, the annual “Bohemian Supper Club” springs into action November 8-11 at SHS. “Cover” songs are the theme this year, with talented student performers bringing new and different takes on old favorites. Tickets go on sale Monday, October 22 at the Salem High School Bookstore (school hours only, no phone calls, please), or right here at

Note: these shows sell out FAST. Get on board right away to insure your reserved seats for this evening of fun, food, and music. All proceeds benefit Salem Choirs.

Choir Parents Meeting Tues 7 PM at SHS

The Salem Choir Parent Organization will be holding a meeting on Tuesday, October 16 at 7 pm in the High School Presentation Room.   We will be planning for the upcoming Bohemian Supper Club and will be asking for volunteers to help in a variety of roles.  If your child is involved in the Supper Club, you will especially want to come to this meeting.  (You can help in the kitchen or as an event manager, and still go watch your child while they are performing-a great opportunity for the nights you don’t have a ticket for.)

We also need volunteers to send food for the students on the nights they practice for the Supper Club.  Please come to the meeting to support your student and the Choir program. If you cannot attend the meeting, but would still like to help, call or text me at 812-216-4012.


LeAnn Hardin, President